Transform children’s art projects into colourful plates made of melamine



Fun children’s activity, kids art activity


How it works

Contact us via email, phone or order online.
You will receive an art on a plate pack in the mail, including all that you need to complete your activity or fundraiser.
Once you have completed the activity, package up the art works and mail back to us.
We keep you informed each step of the way while we manufacture your order.
Your plates/drink bottles are delivered within our scheduled delivery deadlines.

When to do it

Upon receipt of your art work, it takes us between 4 - 6 weeks to manufacture your order plus postage time.

High Days and Holidays

Important Days 2015 Your completed art
to be received by
Plates received by
Mothers' Day
10th May
14 March 2-6 May
Fathers' Day
6th September
28 July 1-5 September
25th December
28 September 10 December

What you'll need

Contact us | 0800 ARTPL8 | 0800 278 758 | 021 618 744
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